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DAILY RATES: (does not include food or dietary supplements.)
1-DOG $25.00
Additional charges will apply to pets with special needs or pets requiring extra care.

DAILY GROOMING: Brushing out burrs, washing muddy feet, etc. --- Free

All pet drop offs and pick ups by appointment only. No drop in traffic.

A visit from you and your pet is required prior to any bookings

All pets must be spayed/neutered unless otherwise recommended by Vet.

  "Laurie, Andy, Courtney and Raegan are such a sincere, caring family. We have not only been grateful for the loving attention our dog has received, but have felt, more than ever, a comforting feeling when driving away, knowing we have found a wonderful place.

Our dog Lacey misses being in the Heck's home. We cannot say enough to thank this family for the care our loved dog has received. We have been given updates where and if necessary"
  About Us  
  We have 6 dogs of our own, Bo, Sasha, Rae and Sawyer our Shetland Sheepdogs, Jack our Lab X, and Floyd our Irish wolfhound. They all live in our house with us. They range in age from 9 months to 8 years old.

All 6 of our dogs have been obedience trained; Bo, Sasha and Rae have been formally trained in agility. Sawyer is a Canadian Champion show dog.
Jack is participating in advancing his skills through extra training at this time, as well as Floyd who is the youngest at 9 months of age. All of our dogs are extremely well socialized, and are very much a part of our family. Each of our dogs has their own unique personality’s which brings versatility into entertaining our guests.

Quite simply put, there is something for everyone; from the playful pups, and the most energetic to the more relaxed, or older dog and from the smallest of visitors to the largest.

When Your Dog Arrives

We allot about 20 minutes for you to drop your dog off, see them into our home, meet us, and say your good-byes. After you leave we will spend whatever amount of time we feel is necessary to establish a certain amount of trust and understanding between your dog and ourselves BEFORE we will do any introductions to the other dogs.
  It is VERY important that your dog feels comfortable with us, and that we feel comfortable with your dog before any interactions with the other dogs in our care takes place. This is done to ensure the safety of all concerned. It is imperative that we have an understanding of your pet’s personality prior to any socialization. We do this indoors in a calm, supervised, low stress environment, and this process can take up to several hours.

This being said we ask you to understand that you cannot expect to arrive with your dog and remain here during this introduction phase. HOWEVER we do ask that you schedule an appointment at your convenience to come with your dog to meet our family. During which time we will have all dogs on the premises in a secured run, so that your family, including your dog can have the freedom to tour our home and yard.

We are not a park or a petting zoo. If you are planning to bring children along on your visit, please understand that for the safety of your children we cannot tolerate any behaviour that may trigger unwanted excitement or stress of the dogs in our care. These behaviours would include; shouting, running about, overexcitement, poking, pestering and especially any uneducated handling such as attempting to play fetch or any other games.

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