About You


We have 14 years’ experience evaluating dogs and assessing temperaments. We make every effort to ensure our guests have a safe and enjoyable stay. We are willing to train and work with your dog in some situations; however aggressive dogs will not be accommodated. Not all dogs will meet the requirements to stay as a guest in our home. We have the right to refuse service at our discretion. In the event you dog is not a suitable candidate, your consultation fee is non-refundable.   

The consultation visit is a screening process designed to ensure that your dog does well in a multi-dog environment as well as being comfortable within our family. During this visit your dog will have the opportunity to meet us and to socialize with other dogs. It is VERY important that we feel comfortable with your dog, and that your dog feels comfortable with us. We hope to provide your loved ones with a more than adequate transition from your home to ours.

This is our home, not a park or a petting zoo! If you are planning to bring young children along on your visit, PLEASE understand that for the safety of your children and the comfort of our guests, we cannot tolerate any behavior that may trigger unwanted excitement or stress of the dogs in our care. These behaviors would include; eating outside of your vehicle, swinging, tree climbing, shouting, running about, over-excitement, poking or pestering the dogs, throwing things such as rocks, sticks or toys, as well as  any uneducated handling such as attempting to play fetch or any other games. Nor do we allow public swimming, paddle boat rides or quad rides!


Your dog may need to be removed from our care if any of the following behaviors or situations become a concern while they are boarding, so please read the following points carefully:

– We cannot board dogs who are aggressive.

– We cannot board dogs who are destructive. Destructive behaviors would include; chewing on furniture, fence and deck boards, dog beds, clothing or other household items, jumping up on and scratching at our home, windows, doors, screen doors or vehicles and excessive digging.

– We cannot board dogs who instinctively nip, bite, or herd other dogs or people, even as a form of play.

– We cannot board dogs who continuously mount and violate other dogs, even as a form of play.

– We cannot board male dogs who “mark” or urinate repeatedly in our home and on our belongings.

– All dogs over the age of 8 months must be spayed or neutered

– We must be notified in advance if your dog has open wounds, sores, ear infections, hot spots or any other medical condition.

– All dogs must have good house manners and come when called.

– All dogs must be house-trained (pee pads and crates are not used here).

– All dogs must corporate when being led by their collar

– We do not board dogs who slobber and drool excessively. We are talking about the stringy uber goobers hanging from their jowls that fly off and stick to the walls and furniture when they shake their heads.

– We cannot board dogs if their weight is debilitating in this environment. These are dogs who are extremely overweight and struggle with daily activity. We may not proceed with a consultation or boarding if we deem your dog fit this criteria.

– Dogs who are shedding excessively or “blowing their coat” must be properly brushed prior to their arrival. If grooming is required, you will be charged a $50.00 fee.

-Clipped toenails are also required. There is a $20.00 fee if we must cut your dog’s toenails upon arrival.

– For liability and insurance reasons we cannot board Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, crosses of either, or Jack Russel Terriers.

– We do not use crates at any time unless requested and provided by you.


– Consultations, drop offs and pick ups are by scheduled appointment only and must be booked via email in advance, NO DROP IN TRAFFIC AT ANY TIME.

– We require you to confirm your booking via our email agreement before it will be finalized. This agreement will be sent to you each time your dog is booked with us.

– Vaccinations must be up to date and administered at least three days prior to your dogs scheduled Pawliday. A copy of a vaccination certificate will be required with each booking, no exceptions.

– Proof of purchase of veterinary prescribed flea control, applied at least 24 hours prior to the arrival of your dog during the months of May through October is required, no exceptions.

– Emergency contact(s) other than yourself must be provided for each booking, no exceptions.

– Failure to provide any of the above listed documents/information prior to drop-off may result in your dog being unable to stay with us.  

– A PHONE CALL to 780-581-0216 is required 30 minutes prior to your arrival for any scheduled appointment, allowing us to ensure that all of our guests are safe and secure before the yard gate is unlocked, no exceptions. Texts/messages are not sufficient.

– NEVER attempt to enter our yard without confirmation from our family that the dogs are secure. There may be dogs at large and you will be putting the dogs or yourself at risk. Our yard is strictly entry by appointment only.