Good evening!

I just wanted to thank you so much for Sawyer’s stay in February.  He had such a great time, I can tell.  He slept for about a whole day when he got home and he was very happy.  Thank you also for all the wonderful photos.  I love seeing how well he integrated with your family.  The pictures of him with your daughter are very sweet.  I’m glad he was so well looked after and loved.

We’ll be bringing him back to stay with you again for sure.  I’ll be in touch in the near future.
Many, many thanks,
Roksana Campbell

Laurie, I have been trying to think of a way to put into words how much we love your family and home!  When I tell people about you guys, I am like a kid trying to describe Disneyland, Santa and summer camp all at the same time! Because, this is what your home is like for Moby! 
Moby is the baby of our family. He’s not a dog, he’s our youngest child. I didn’t even want to go to a resort vacation last year because I couldn’t stand the thought of Moby going to a kennel. I knew I couldn’t enjoy my vacation worrying about him. Well, then I met Laurie and her family. Laurie has not just a true gift when it comes to dogs, she has this gift with people as well. She made me feel at peace and actually excited to leave Moby with her family. From the moment I left him on his first visit, I have never had a second thought about his safety or happiness while I’m away. Their home truly is the greatest place on earth for dogs! When Moby is there he goes swimming until his hearts content, runs with all his buddies and then sleeps wherever he wants(the girls beds?;)). From the updates while we are gone to the CDs of pictures when we get back, we always know exactly how Moby is doing. I have to admit that I spoil Moby when he gets home from there because I don’t think he’s ever very happy about having to leave(yes, you sense a little mother jealousy there;)). We don’t just take Moby to the Heck’s when we ‘have’ to, we actually look for opportunities for him to go for a visit. I want my boy to have a vacation too! A full weekend of swimming, running, playing, and snuggling……. It doesn’t get any better then that!  Laurie takes the time to answer all my questions about Moby, whether it be eating habits or ear infections. She has been a wealth of knowledge!  You can see the love Laurie and her family has for dogs. I believe that the Heck’s dog home is more a passion for dogs than a business. I am so grateful for the freedom Laurie has given me, that I can now go away, and truly enjoy myself without worrying about Moby.

Thank you Laurie and family, we’ll see you soon!

When we had to be away for 3 weeks this summer, we were so worried about having to leave our 10 month old black lab Dutch with someone. We were so lucky when we found Heck of a Dog Home! It was like driving into a paradise for dogs! The yard is big and beautiful, lots of space for our active puppy to run and play! The Heck family was so good to Dutch, it was like we were sending him off to summer camp. He loved playing fetch, swimming in the lake, and meeting and playing with all the other dogs. It was so nice to get the emails while we were away with pictures of Dutch having a blast! It put our mind at ease that he was doing so well. They genuinely cared for Dutch, giving him lots of love and attention. We highly recommend Heck of a Dog Home!

The Hughes family

Ha ha ha, I love the pictures! Thanks so much!
Pitou obviously had a great time and she’s still exhausted! I can’t wait to take her out to the lake now that she loves the water! 
Thanks again!

Our dog Bailey absolutely loves going to Heck of a Dog Home. After
searching for something that would be the right fit for our dog who is
incredibly social and loves to play we finally found Heck of a Dog Home and
have not looked back since. The services available and wonderful people
there are exactly what our puppy needs. Bailey has dietary issues but Heck 
of a Dog Home was incredibly accommodating and
it became a non issue. The location is spotless and excellently
maintained with tons of room for Bailey to run and play with all his new
friends but remains structured so that control is always maintained.

Our dog spent two weeks there this summer and although we missed him,
when he returned he was relaxed and calm and happy. Laurie was great in
updating my wife and I on how he was doing and provided amazing pictures
of him throughout his stay which helped us share in his experience as
well. This helped considerably in easing the stress of leaving him
behind. Although we would always prefer to bring him with us, if we
were not able to we will continue to use Heck of a Dog Home. Laurie and Andy 
have always been available to help us out with tips on training Bailey, 
suggesting different techniques and helpful hints. They have made such a 
positive difference in the training Bailey has received from us. Laurie and 
Andy are always available to answer any questions we have regarding 
different behaviors Bailey has developed.We honestly could not be happier 
with Heck of a Dog Home as they have exceeded all our

Nathan, Alyson and Bailey

Hi Laurie,

This is the first chance I had to send you a message and let you know how impressed I was with your service.  It is quite obvious that you are very passionate about what you do.  I found that extremely refreshing in today’s world.  Koda slept for three days after her vacation (which was nice, as after a few days in vegas we needed to catch up on our sleep as well)  It gave me an opportunity to cuddle with her on the couch.  We seen a black lab at the airport and it made me miss her even more.  I couldn’t wait to get home.  I felt so good knowing that while I was away, Koda was having a great time and was being cared for by good people.  You are more than a dog home and I applaud the life lessons that you are showing your kids and get to have as a family.  I really enjoyed the pictures that you took and appreciate the time and effort that it required for you to show us how much Koda was loved while we were away.  I know if I were Koda, I would be missing you, your family and all of her other pals by now.  Your place is definitely WAY more fun than boring ol Kitscoty.  LOL.  She hopes to see you again.

Laurie & Kent

Yes, you can classify us as “obsessive pet owners”  ….. we’re “those people” who believe our dog is not our pet – he’s our baby 🙂 and so we’ve always have been very particular on where we leave our little man and have struggled to find the perfect place.  The struggle is over! 

The Heck’s are phenomenal people!!  We knew right from our first initial introduction/meeting this was the place!!

The care and detail Laurie takes in getting to know your dog (habits whether it be good or bad :), personality, as well as her concern about overall health – vaccinations/flea treatments) tells it all!   

The entire Heck family are all wonderful people!  (Where else could your dog cozy up to one of the girls at bedtime?) You know you’ve got it right when the vet office knows of the Heck’s and agrees that you’ve found a great place! 

Although we miss our little man while away  – we are able to leave him with no worries or concerns whatsoever. 

We actually refer to Heck’s as the “DOGGIE-SPA” as it’s the farthest thing away from being  a kennel. It’s a home-away-from-home.  There’s even a ‘vacation’ CD of pictures that you get to take with you which details the ‘holiday’. 

But really, your dog can tell you it all just by how he reacts.  Yes, he’s excited to see us but he’s in no hurry whatsoever to get into the vehicle.  He’s relaxed / not stressed / very happy and – as much as I hate to admit it –  he pouts for at least two days after getting home. 

I have no problem highly recommending our dog’s “second home” to other pet lovers!!

-Char Joa

A big thank you to the Heck family! 

When we found out our puppy Burt was deaf, fear of never being able to leave
him with friends or family who wouldn’t understand his special needs came to
mind. After running out of options we found Heck of a Dog Home!

We could not be happier with the service the Heck’s provide. They are all
very helpful with training tips and treat your dog like one of their own. 

Burt was so tired from all the running and playing after his first holiday
that he slept the whole way home and until 8 am the next day. Burt is
usually shy at first when it comes to meeting new dogs but on Burt’s second
trip he was so excited when we arrived he barely even looked back at us to
say good bye. He ran to the door to find his friends. This just showed us
that he loves it at Heck of a Dog Home. We are so happy we found a second
home for Burt when we need to get away and we don’t have to worry that he
will be locked up in a crate the whole time we are gone. 

The Hecks are genuine dog lovers with huge hearts! 
We would recommend them to anyone!

-Burt, Mitch & Andrea=”)

We have a little Silky Terrier named Sydney.  And although we take him most places with us, we realize he can’t go everywhere.  We have tried several kennels in our area and have been quite dissappointed until we met the “Hecks”.  They really do make these dogs feel at home.  The first time we left Sydney with this family I just knew it was going to work out.  He gets all excited when we pull up to the gate and can’t wait to see the Hecks and their dogs.  It is soooo nice to go away and not worry how he is doing, as we know he’s having a blast during the day and sleeping under someones covers at nite. Just like home.

“Thank you Laurie and family.  Bender was obviously missing his new buddies for a few days, it was clear to me that he enjoyed his time with your family.  With all the activities and family playtime that you have to offer, there is no doubt in my mind that you provided Bender with excellent care and you can count on seeing Bender again, definitely!”
Thanks again
Jorge Hernandez

Finding Heck of a dog home was like finding a peice of heaven.  I have a bouvier who is a bit of a nervous dog when it comes to a change in her routine.  Ask any friend who has stopped in to let her out for a pee or try to take her for a walk if I’m away from home for a long work day.  They can’t get her to budge no matter how hard they try.  She’s not the kind of dog I could take to a boarding facility where she would stay in a kennel.
I admit that the first time I left her at the Hecks, I had tears as I pulled out of their driveway, not knowing how she would cope with all the dogs and being in a different place for a week.  I was so relieved to receive emails and photos while I was away, putting my mind at ease that Sophie was doing just fine.  I know by the stories they share when I pick her up and the disc of photos I receive after each stay, that the Hecks are attentive and loving and most importantly, have a sense of humor when it comes to the different personalities of dogs.
Sophie has also become more playful at home and more animated on her walks with me since she began her stays at the Hecks.  That speaks volumes to me….not only is my dog happy there….she’s simply happier in general.
Shelly MacDonald

Jasper is a much loved member of our family, however, we feel very comfortable leaving him with Laurie and her family. We like that Jasper is not kept in a kennel and has the freedom to run about and to play with the other dogs.  He almost seems to pout for a day or two after we bring him home. Janet & Neil”Janet

A big “Thank you” to Laurie, Andy and the girls for providing such a fun, safe and loving home to Roxy during her stay at Heck of a Dog Home this fall. Roxy is quite a little princess in our household. She’s quite accustomed getting all of our attention and sleeping on the bed with us at night. I was a little concerned with leaving her behind as she is getting up there in age and set in her ways. But I need not have worried as Roxy had just as good of a vacation as we did. With all the space to run around, chasings squirrels up trees, keeping cows at bay on the other side of the fence and watching over the rabbit hutch, Roxy was rewarded in the evenings with cuddles and a soft bed to sleep in with one of the girls. Ahhh, life is great! Thanks again to the Heck family, Roxy can’t wait till her next vacation.

Annette Stevens 

As a pet owner, I always had it in the back of my mind, what if we want to go away? Where will Wilson go? He is a large 1 1/2 year old Golden Retriever with a very high energy level, and too big to go to Grandma’s house. We heard about Heck of a dog home and gave them a call. After our first visit Wilson got a taste of the country life and we were so pleased that he fit right in. A few weeks later he had his first sleepover and I don’t think he will ever forget the kindness of the Heck family. He still looks at the door and whines when we ask if he wants to go to see Floyd and the other dogs. It is so comforting to know that there are good people out there like the Hecks so willing to care for all the needs of our family pet and welcome him into their home.

Thank you again and Wilson will be back, especially during swimming season!

Michelle Oleksyn

When trying to describe Heck of a Dog Home to friends, I sometimes refer to it as “doggy day care,” or “Lucy’s weekend at the spa,” or “Disneyland for dogs,” but none of these descriptions truly encapsulates what this place is. When I drop Lucy off with the Hecks she is literally wiggling with excitement because she knows that she will be playing with her friends and getting all the snuggles and attention she could possibly want. I go away without feeling worried or guilty… because I know that I have left Lucy with a family who will take care of her, pamper her, and LOVE her as much as I do! Heck of a Dog Home is a one-of-a-kind place, and we are extremely fortunate to have it in the area!


For those times when we can’t be with Greenwood, we’re relieved to know he’ll be happy and well taken care of with Laurie, Andy, and their girls. They offer a wonderful environment for dog care with everything a dog could want…lots of room to run, fresh bones, people to throw frisbees, and even a pond… thanks to the Heck family!


After trying many of the nearby kennels, we finally found what we were searching for, a second home for Juno.  Instead of whining while trying her best to get back into the car at other places, Juno becomes extremely excited as we pass though the Heck’s gate, knowing the wonderful place that lies beyond. 

The environment and standard of care provided by the Hecks is simply unmatched.  Not only are there no crates but acres of land, many dogs that match any size and energy level, and the Hecks to provide lots of love and attention.  Being a part of a pack while she is there has had a positive impact on her social skills that are readily seen at the dog park and when other dogs come to visit. 

The Hecks go above and beyond what is expected with many much appreciated extra touches (emailing us while she is there, sending a narrative and photo CD home with her so that we know exactly how much she enjoyed her visit).  Whether she is joining the family in cross-country skiing, curled up under Laurie’s desk while she works (just like at home), or playing countless games with her buds Jack and Floyd it is clear that when she can’t be home this is where she belongs.    

Thank you,
John, Brooke, and Juno

Thanks so much again for welcoming Ozzy into your home while we were away.  He sure looks like he had fun and I think he is really missing his friends!  He seemed so sad even though he was very happy to see us! You have such an amazing operation and we are very grateful that we found a place where Ozzy can go and have a vacation as well.