Our Services


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM DAILY

Are rates are $30.00/DAY. This will include drop off and pick-up days regardless of your appointment time.

Rates for two dogs are $50.00/DAY.

​Giant breed dogs such as Danes, English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds are $50.00/DAY.

CONSULTATION APPOINTMENTS include a charge of $50.00.


We believe that PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO, and that they should enjoy their Pawliday as much as you enjoy your holiday! Your dog will have companionship at all times of the day, the freedom to roam our home, lie on the couch, or to go and play outdoors as desired. We can also easily accommodate outdoor-only dogs with a large dog house or garage to ensure your dog is comfortable for evening/overnight.

We provide an abundance of activity’s for the active dog, and casual entertainment for the not so active. Well socialized dogs can enjoy a wide variety of exercise and games. There are squirrels, gophers and birds to chase as well as other dogs.

Games of Fetch, Frisbee or catch me if you can swimming or romping on our private beach to name a few! For the avid swimmer we also offer water fetch and beach games. For the elderly or not so active pet, paddle boat rides, rhino rides, a nice long walk, snuggles on the couch or a game of tug-of-war might be considered fun. We will let your dog decide.

Your furry family members will be getting the same love and attention that they are used to getting at home!

We will supply all the indoor and outdoor toys.


All of our guests are fed individually and twice daily. In order to ensure that they are eating what you have sent for them, self-feed methods are not an option.

We can easily accommodate any dog’s diet as we have ample fridge and freezer space for moist or raw food, as well as dry food. We feed two meals per day, breakfast and supper.

We will supply your dog with dishes, as well as treats and snacks.


Bedtime is also customized to suit your pet, we will accommodate you pet’s needs, and maybe even spoil them a little!

We will supply dog beds, bedding and blankets for your dog. We DO NOT use crates at any time unless requested and provided by you.